By improving your thresholds, you improve your performance. To know if you have improved your threshold or not, you must identify them. Therefore, one of our milestones has always been, to make this possible!

Today, we reached this milestone as we just launched a new feature in our GRASPOR app, that based on a ramp test, enables you to get both your thresholds and your training zones automatically.

Knowing your training zones and thresholds will enable you to train more efficient to improve your performance.

To find the feature all you need to do is, open the GRASPOR app, chose Workout -> Cycling -> Threshold test. The test is starting at 150w and is incremental with 30w every four minutes. When you reach fully exhausting you stop the test.  

Note: warm-up is done separately, you can find our guides to a proper warm-up here…

After a maximum of 24-hours you will find your Aerobic threshold (AeT), the Anaerobic threshold (AT) and your 5 training zones in the profile overview. 

It is also possible to keep track your progress from previous tests. In the app chose profile in the bottom of the screen to compare the different test you have made. By comparing test, you can see the progress you have made for assessing if your training has made your better.  


On the right you will find an example of a performance improvement, where the improvement is reflected on the fact that AeT and AT is on a higher level than the previously test. 

GRASPOR Threshold Identifier

What can you learn from the result you get from the threshold identifier?  

Aerobic threshold (AeT):  

Your first threshold is a marker for the point where the fat oxidation is at the highest. This means, that AeT marks the point where the largest number of kilojoules (Kj) comes from fat.  

All training done with a higher Muscle Oxygen level (=less watt) than your AeT is your base. In this area you train your body to use fat as a fuel source. If your cross this Aerobic (AeT) threshold the anaerobic processes will start to increase and consequently the aerobic processes will be less dominant. Normally you can sustain the AeT for around 1,5-5 hours. 

The benefits from training in this area is that you increase the mitochondrial growth, oxygen uptake, growth of muscle capillary and fat utilization. Increasing these parameters all indirectly improve your performance above this threshold.  

Training done with a higher Muscle Oxygen level (=less watt) than your AeT threshold is usually done in Zone 1 and Zone 2  


Anaerobic Threshold (AT): 

Your second threshold, the (AT) is a marker for the point where the body no longer can’t deliver the same amount of oxygen that is used during the training. Because of this, you will experience accumulation of lactate. From this point the oxygen level will keep decreasing and the anaerobic processes are dominant.   

If your work with a Muscle Oxygen level slightly higher, or around this threshold your will build muscle strength and boost your ability to pace hard for shorter time e.g., for improving your ability to do time trail or climbing. Normally you can sustain this threshold for around 30-55 minutes. 

This training is usually done in Zone 3 and Zone 4. 



When you cross the second threshold you move into the Vo2MAX area. In this area you muscle can´t no longer utilize more oxygen and thereby you have crossed the aerobic ability, and you will often see the Muscle Oxygen flatten. From this point you work anaerobic only meaning that the muscles have no more oxygen available. Normally you can sustain this area for around 12-6 minutes. 

 Training around the Vo2max area is usually done in Zone 5, and in this area, you increase the mitochondrial growth, oxygen uptake, growth of muscle capillary and muscle strength.  


Recommendations on testing:  

We recommend that you do a test every 3-6 week. If you are new to training or comes from a low training intensity period, we recommend testing every third week. If you are very well trained, we recommend testing every 4-6 week.  

If you use power meter together with GRASPOR and you see that the Muscle Oxygen and watt starts to draft from each other it’s a sign that you have improved. For instance, if you must increase your power to maintain the same muscle oxygen or the other way: you may be able to keep the same watt level and the Muscle Oxygen increase, then it’s time for you to test again as you have improved your fitness level.  


Why use GRASPOR to test? 

The time has come to an end with basing your training zones of sketchy “estimates” or going by feel.

Our automated test feature measures the equivalent result as of a lactate test and with same precision, but without the need of laboratory equipment and blood samples. 

 Download the newest version of GRASPOR in AppStore and get your thresholds and training zones now!

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