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Refund policy

Right of cancellation

The customer has 14 days right of cancellation when shopping on The right of cancellation applies from the day you receive your parcel. Upon reception, GRASPOR ApS put the returned item(s)’s value, which by default, will be the amount initially paid.

When the right of cancellation is exercised, the customer will be able to request a return label for your return. The customer can also pay for the return delivery. This cost is not reimbursed by GRASPOR ApS.
Returns should be sent to:



Gunnar Clausens Vej 24 B, 1. TH

8260 Viby J




You can also cancel your order by refusing to pick it up at the pick-up point or deliver it to the above address.

The rate of service is increased if thorough information is enclosed in the return, e.g., order sheet, bank details for the refund, a copy of earlier correspondence, as well as the cause for return. (Cancellation, defect, replacement, etc.) See the consumer protection regulations standard return sheet at the end of these terms, or use the form enclosed in your package.

Note that we do not accept parcels without delivery or with COD.

The customer must return the order without unnecessary delay and within 14 days of alerting GRASPOR ApS that you wish to cancel your order. The customer is responsible for the cost of returning the item(s) to GRASPOR ApS. The customer is responsible for damages to the product after the time of delivery.


The following is exempted from the right of cancellation:

Item(s)s made by the customer’s specifications or if it bears a clear personal mark.
Item(s)s sealed and for health and safety reasons are unfit for return, where the seal has been broken.

Condition of returned item(s)s:

The customer is responsible for the reduction of the value of the item(s), caused by irresponsible handling, other than what is justified by the type of item(s), as well as what the function demands. The customer can use the item(s) to the same extent as they would if trying the item(s) in a store, but they cannot take it into use. If the item(s) is used to a greater extent than described above, GRASPOR ApS considers the item(s) as taken into use, and the customer will only receive a partial refund or no refund at all upon cancellation depending on the item(s)s resale value. It is up to GRASPOR ApS to assess the condition and value of the item(s) upon return. If the original packaging is not part of the return, this is by default a reduction of the item(s)’s value.


Refund of the purchase amount:

If the customer cancels a purchase, GRASPOR ApS will refund the amount paid for the item(s). In case of value depreciation caused by the customer, this amount will be deducted from the refund.

If the customer exercises the right of cancellation, GRASPOR ApS will refund all payments made, including shipping (However, excluding additional cost for other shipping methods than the default), without unnecessary delay, and at the latest 14 days from the day, GRASPOR ApS has been notified of the customers wish.


GRASPOR ApS will not refund business shipping costs, as well as costs for shipping outside of Denmark.


GRASPOR ApS offers partial cancellation; however, shipping costs will not be refunded in conjunction with a partial cancellation.

GRASPOR ApS will refund the amount with the same payment method as was used in the original purchase unless the customer clearly states otherwise.


GRASPOR ApS reserves the right to withhold the refund until the item(s) is returned unless the customer at that time have supplied proof of return.


Note that the rights of cancellation and return for card material voids if the card is open and registered to a unit.

Standard cancellation form


Gunnar Clausens Vej 24B, 1. TH
8260 Viby J



I notify that i per this wish to exercise my right of cancellation applied to my purchase regarding the following item(s)(s):





via ordernumber: ______NP_______

Date of order d. __/__-20__ and received d. __/__-20__

Buyers name: __________________________

Buyers address: __________________________

Buyers ZIP code + city: ______   ________________


Date: __/__-20__