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How to set up and start using GRASPOR the first time. How measuring oxygen can improve your warm-up, your testing methods and controlling your intervals during your training.
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This is your introduction to GRASPOR

To get the most out of your GRASPOR, we recommend that you invest the time to sit down and go through the next few steps, which will help you understand how GRASPOR works, and how you can use it to get the most out of your training.

We will make sure you know how to use GRASPOR in practice. We will introduce how set up and get started with GRASPOR the first time.

We will also cover how to check and improve your warm-up, how to complete a GRASPOR Muscle Oxygen performance test, as well as how to controlling your intervals during your training.
If you have used GRASPOR before, but just need a hand with one thing, scroll down and find the area you need help with.

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Adaptive training
performance testing
the science
first use
Your new weapon

Adaptive training 

Adaptive training, as we call it, is all about listening to your body, and not to your power meter.

If you’re tired from yesterday’s training, it may have an effect on today’s training. By measuring your muscle oxygen, GRASPOR helps you identify this effect and adapt to it, so you get the most out of your training, without guesswork.

Learn how to:

Measure your muscle performance live

Ride based on your daily fatigue level.

Train at your optimal intensity

keep improving

Performance test

As you improve your performance during training, we often see that athletes stagnate after 4-6 weeks if they keep training based on “old” training zones. To keep on top of your training, you should test your performance every 4-6 weeks, and make sure you’re always training based on your current performance level.

With GRASPOR you can test yourself to the same standards as the pro’s through multiple performance tests.

You will learn how to:

Assess your current fitness level

Get personalized training zones

Identify your anarobic weakness

prepare your workout


Warming up ensures that your body is ready for high intensity efforts, without overstressing it at the beginning of your workout. Going out doing efforts without proper warm-up will give you a less than ideal training output at the end of the day as

GRASPOR can also help you choose the right warm-up for you, and adapt it to your feeling on the day!

You will learn how to:

Find the right warm-up for you

Adapt your warm-up to the specific ride

Improve your performance by up to 10%

get smart

The science

GRASPOR is a training device, just like your power meter and heart rate monitor. All 3 devices help you control your intensity on the bike.

When you control your intensity on your rides based on power or heart rate, there is often a big mismatch between what intensity your think you ride with, and what the intensity really is. GRASPOR can tell you how hard your body is actually working.

Therefore, we developed GRASPOR. We wanted to remove all the guess work, and let you work based on the vital performance marker, Oxygen.

Learn about:

The science behind GRASPOR

What muscle oxygen is

How muscle oxygen is measured

get going

Your first use

We will introduce how set up and start using GRASPOR the first time, and how to use GRASPOR in practice.

You will learn:

How to set up the device with the app

How to properly use the device and sleeve

What to do before you’re ready to begin using GRASPOR!

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