GRASPOR bundle

6,995 DKK

With the GRASPOR data, directly from your working muscles, you can always make the right choices!

What you get
- GRASPOR sensor unit
- GRASPOR Sleeve (In your chosen size)
- GRASPOR charger + cable
- GRASPOR quick start guide
- Free app for data collection and analysis

Get the right sleeve size, it's important for your data!
Size guide:
S= 44-48cm

Sizes are the circumference of your thigh,measured halfway between your knee and hip when sitting down.
The sleeve should be tight around your leg, but not be uncomfortable to wear.


System requirements
Android: Minimum Android version 5.0 (Lollipop), recommended Android version 7.1+ (Nougat)

iOS: Minimum version 10.0, recommended version 12.0+
*Using older version may cause issues with the app. 

Device battery life: approximatley 8 hours on a full charge.
The sleeve is not machine washable but should be rinsed under running water and left to air-dry.
Weight: Muscle oxygen sensor, 28g, Sleeve 46g.
Connectivity: BLE




GRASPOR is skilfully crafted, to give you the best training data possible.

The unit is made up of the GRASPOR sensor, and the sleeve. The sensor is a vital part of the unit, as this is responsible for the Muscle Oxygen data collection, and data transmission to the app.


Unlock your full potential

GRASPOR helps you to pace yourself by controlling the intensity of your efforts, using your Muscle Oxygen to adapt your power output to your actual form and avoid training too hard or too little.

The best athletes in the world know how to listen to their bodies, but knowing the difference between normal tiredness or soreness and something out of the ordinary can be difficult for many cyclists. 

GRASPOR helps you know what your body is saying. 



Dive deep in our app

The GRASPOR app is a powerful analytical tool, that allows you to get a detailed overview of your training.

You get a clear overview of your performance in the live view, where you can evaluate your effort in real time.
Once you have completed your workout, you can spend hours diving deep in all the data GRASPOR can give you, or spend 5 minutes overviewing your training, and getting a better understanding of your performance.

Worn by the best

Some of the best riders in the world are already using GRASPOR to unlock their full potential.

I have chosen to use GRASPOR as a part of my journey back from a concussion

Christina Siggaard
Women’s World Tour
Lotto Soudal Ladies

GRASPOR is a revolutionary tool that i hope can help me on my journey.

Mathias Norsgaard
World Tour Rider
Team Moviestar

GRASPOR gives me the insight that can help me find the last gains to achieve my goals.

Pernille Mathiesen
World Tour Rider
Team Jumbo Visma