GRASPOR bundle

5,495 kr.

The full GRASPOR experience!

With this bundle, you get everything you need to start your journey with GRASPOR.

Get the right sleeve size,it’s important for your data!
Find your size below

Note: To get the best experience with GRASPOR we strongly recommend using it together with an IOS device (iPhone or iPad)

Size guide:
S =  44-48cm
M = 48-52cm
L  = 52-56cm
XL= 56-60cm

Sizes are the circumference of your thigh, measured halfway between your knee and hip when sitting down.

The sleeve should be tight around your leg, but still be comfortable to wear.


What you get
- GRASPOR sensor unit
- GRASPOR Sleeve (In your chosen size)
- GRASPOR charger + cable
- GRASPOR app for data collection and analysis


System requirements
IOS: Minimum version 10.0, recommended version 12.0+
Android: Minimum Android version 5.0 (Lollipop), recommended Android version 7.1+ (Nougat)

Recommended platform is IOS. We are currently not developing further for Android and new features such as thresholdtest is only avaliable for ISO.
*Using older version may cause issues with the app. 


Device battery life: approximatley 8 hours on a full charge.
Weight: Muscle oxygen sensor, 28g, Sleeve 46g.
Connectivity: BLE


Sleeve: We recommend to rise it
under running water and left to air-dry.
Device: Use a cloth to clean it.



Garmin bike computers
Edge® 1040 

Edge® 1030 Plus

Edge® 1030

Edge® 830

Edge® 530*
(The BLE-connection on the 530 is less strong than 830, 1030, and 104 and might course disconnects to GRASPOR)


Garmin watches

fēnix® 5 Plus

fēnix® 6 Pro / 6 Sapphire / 6 Pro Solar / 6 Pro Dual Power / quatix® 6

fēnix® 6S Pro / 6S Sapphire / 6S Pro Solar / 6S Pro Dual Power

fēnix® 6X Pro / 6X Sapphire / 6X Pro Solar / tactix® Delta Sapphire / Delta Solar / Delta Solar – Ballistics Edition / quatix® 6X / 6X Solar / 6X Dual Power

fēnix® 7

Forerunner® 245 Music

Forerunner® 745

Forerunner® 945

Forerunner® 945 LTE


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