Muscle performance and
cardio monitoring

GRASPOR is a muscle performance and cardio monitoring device that gives you the ability to track your Muscle Oxygen levels and Muscle Activation in real-time. These data enable you to make smarter decisions when planning your training, as you can adapt to your day form and continuously evaluate your performance during a training session. 

GRASPOR measures your Muscle Oxygen and Muscle Activation in real-time when wearing the device during exercise. GRASPOR is the first device of its kind capable of measuring both datasets simultaneously, outside of a sports lab.

Getting ready for a training ride with GRASPOR


Injury avoidance and recovery

GRASPOR's Muscle Activation data can help you prevent injuries, and help you on your journey back by ensuring you don’t push your muscles above the limit.


GRASPOR can help you better plan your interval training by relying on real-time muscle oxygen levels. These data can help you control the correct intensity, which always helps you pushing it to the limit every day.


GRASPOR's Muscle Oxygen data can tell you when you are sufficiently warmed up. Ensuring a proper warm-up is important when pushing your body to the limit.

Threshold test

GRASPOR also provides the tools to test your anaerobic threshold in a non-lab setting, allowing you to track your improvements more easily.

The GRASPOR app allows you to easily track your performance

Learn to use GRASPOR

GRASPOR has a lot of features and, its use is widespread. Whether you want to improve your warm-up protocol, track your improvements through a threshold test, or train smarter, GRASPOR can help you. If you want to learn how to incorporate GRASPOR into your training, and use it to become a better athlete, check out our guides. 

  • I have had some challenges since my crash in December of 2019. Something that still troubles me. I've been looking for something to help me reach my former level. GRASPOR is a revolutionary tool that i hope can help med on my journey.
    Mathias Norsgaard, Movistar Team
  • I have chosen to use GRASPOR as a part of my journey back from a concussion, which has impacted me since the summer of 2019. I believe it will make a difference for me, as I can clearly see how far i can push my body each day.
    Christina Siggaard, Winner Omloop Het Niuwsblad 2018
  • GRASPOR has been a vital tool for my time trial. In training, i've had vital data to chase every second. At the race i've changed my warm-up-protocol, so i'm even sharper, when the clocks start to tick
    Frederik Muff, Team PL-Beton Bornholm
  • I have been the 6th best Zwift racer for a while now. I feel that i have opitimised every part of my training and preparations, but i am looking for the final marginal gains to reach my goal of becoming the worlds best Zwift racer! I hope that the opportunities and insight GRASPOR gives me can help me find the last gains to achieve this goal.
    Nicklas Amdi Pedersen, Winner Race Series


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