GRASPOR provides you with personalized data, directly from your muscles, that can help you make the right choices in your training


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The unit

GRASPOR consists of the Muscle Oxygen sensor, and the sleeve. The sensor is the powerhouse of the unit, as this is responsible for the Muscle Oxygen data collection, and data transmission to the app.

GRASPOR measures your Muscle Oxygen through infrared lighting. The Muscle Activation is collected via EMG electrodes placed on the inside of the sleeve.

Both data sets are recorded by your Smartphone via the GRASPOR app.

12-hour battery life

The long battery life ensures that all your hard-earned data is recorded and saved. Even those long 6-8 hour training rides are logged safely, and there is even a little room for forgetting to change it afterwards.

Weather proof

The IPX7 waterproofness allows you to wear the device in all kinds of weather, even rain and snow – so there is no excuse to not go out training.

 IOS and Android app

We use an app to capture and record your data. The app has an easy overview of your data on the recording screen, but allows you to dive deep into the data when your workout is finished.

Washable sleeve

The sleeve is hand-washable in lukewarm water. It is important to keep the sleeve clean to increase data quality and reliability. We recommend that you rinse the sleeve after each training ride.

The app


Get a quick overview of your Muscle Oxygen and Muscle Activation in the live view. Here you can track trends in your Muscle Oxygen and easily see how hard you’re pushing your body.


Find your workout summary, and dive into your data with detailed information about your laps, average and minimum and maximum values, as well as an overview of your Muscle Oxygen throughout the workout.


From the workout summary, you can dive even deeper into the data you have collected. In the full-screen graph, you gain access to detailed viewing of Muscle Oxygen, Muscle Activation, oxygenated haemoglobin, deoxygenated haemoglobin and even heart rate if you connect your own heart rate monitor.


Create an account and access your workout from any smartphone with the GRASPOR app installed. You can also save all your workouts in the workout library, so you can re-visit a specific workout at any time.