Use case

Christoffer lisson Using graspor

GRASPOR eliminates the mental factor.
You’re never in doubt if it’s a physiological
or psychological limitation on the day,
and that’s a gamechanger for me.

We had a brief chat with Christoffer

Christoffer Lisson is a 25-year-old cyclist riding for Riwal Cycling Team. Christoffer has ridden for Riwal Cycling Team since the start of the 2020 season.

In the autumn of 2020, he discovered an injury that has severely limited his performance and ability to train properly. He was diagnosed with iliac arterial endofibrosis, or a constriction of one of his major arteries, in both his legs. This means that the blood supply for his muscles was reduced, as when you bend the water hose to stop the water flow.


“I have used GRASPOR very much during my rehabilitation and actively in my training, it is the only tool I have that can give me an exact indication about how hard I can push myself and how my body reacts. With this injury, it is important to measure your effort, and it is vital to understand what is happening inside my body.”

“If I train at the intensity of my good leg, my bad leg will fatigue much faster, and I would risk injuring the muscles and forcing myself off the bike again.”

Do like Christoffer, and use GRASPOR to get back from an injury.

You can learn more about Christoffers journey back to the pro peloton below.

What is GRASPOR?

GRASPOR provides direct insight into muscle activation and muscle oxygenation. These two parameters can give you an understanding of how stress on the muscle changes over the course of a workout, even though the watts produced remain unchanged.