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Thomas bundgaard 

” It’s difficult to evaluate my performance based solely on how my body feels, but GRASPOR gives me exact numbers that express how hard i am pushing myself. That’s a GAMECHANGER.“


We had a brief chat with Thomas:

Thomas is the owner of Velofit, one of the top Bikefitters in Denmark.

He spent the winter riding for our E-Racing team GRASPOR Velofit E-Racing where he used GRASPOR to gauge his performance during and after the race.

“Getting to see how your muscles respond to attacks, and being able to react on it before it’s too late has helped me during the hard zwift races.”

The warm-up before the race was a key factor in his ability to perform during the race, so having a tool like GRASPOR was vital for Thomas.

“Having concrete information to base my warm-up on is just amazing. I don’t have to rely on feeling, I can actually see how my body responds to the warm up efforts, and adapt my protocol on the day.”

Do like Thomas and use GRASPOR to change the way of the game.