GRASPOR technology

What is graspor?

What do we measure?

GRASPOR measures Muscle Oxygen and Muscle Activation. These data can tell you about your real-time performance, based on what your body tells you.

Two technologies

GRASPOR works by measuring two metrics, muscle activation via EMG technology and muscle oxygen level with NIRS technology. Both technologies are well established for many applications, but GRASPOR is the first product to incorporate them together in a wearable sleeve.

Muscle Oxygen

GRASPOR measures the oxygen level inside your muscles. This gives a clear understanding about exaclty how hard you are pushing your body at a certain intensity. Having this data available gives you the possibility to train based on an actual performance indicator, as oppoesed to power or heart rate.

Muscle Activation

GRASPOR measures the percentage Muscle Activation of the quadriaceps and hamstrings between 0-100% and the ratio between their use. Muscle Activation can give you an idea about your muscular strenghts, or weaknesses during an effort or training session. 

What are our measurements?

GRASPOR’s measurements combined gives you internal data about how hard you’re pushing yourself! 

Muscle Oxygen

GRASPOR measures the number of oxygenated haemoglobin cells in your blood, compared to your total amount of haemoglobin cells. This means that if you have a Muscle Oxygen level of 54%, 54% of your haemoglobin cells carry oxygen at that moment. Your body requires oxygen to perform, as oxygen is a part of the process to create the energy your muscles use as fuel. 

So, the harder you work, the higher the demand for oxygen, and therefore a lower Muscle Oxygen. 

Muscle Activation

GRASPOR measures the percentage of Muscle Activation of the quadriceps and hamstrings compared to your maximum potential. The Muscle Activation measures the electrical signal sent to the muscle to create a contraction, measured in milli-volt but presented as a percentage of your maximum potential. If your muscle activation is 20% on the hamstring, it means that you are activating your hamstring 20% compared to your maximum activation which was determined during the calibration process. 

How does it work?

Data driven training using internal metrics.

Muscle Oxygen

Muscle Oxygen has similar applicability to the blood lactate level. You can use Muscle Oxygen to measure the intensity of the work the body is performing in real time.

Muscle Activation

The EMG data enables you to track your quadriceps and hamstrings’ activation in real-time and compare these muscle groups’ use to each other.

Know your weakness

The combination of Muscle Oxygen & Muscle Activation, gives you a good idea of what you need to improve to get even faster. 

GRASPOR can show you whether you should focus on icreasing muscular strength or cardiovascular capacity.

A new training tool

GRASPOR presents you with a completely new way to plan and execute your training. But how does it work?

Threshold test

Test your threshold, by yourself, as often as you want,  and in your normal training enviroment.

Training zones

A Muscle Oxygen Threshold test provides the basis for determining your training zones, either based on power or Muscle Oxygen.

Perform Better

Optimize the way you train and recover using GRASPOR to manage the intensity of your efforts and ensure you train in the right training zones.

Powerful analysis tools

Dive deep in the app to fully understand how your body is performing under different loads. 

Muscle Oxygen

Browse a detailed graph of your Muscle Oxygens progression throughout your workout. You can also expand the data to dive deeper into the haemoglobin data, and figure out when your performance decouples due to lack of oxygen.

Muscle Activation

The activation of your major muscle groups can change rapidly due to stimuli, or change significantly due to fatigue after a long effort. GRASPOR lets you analyse the change in muscular activation during a workout, which can help shed light on how you recruit muscle groups during efforts and figure out how the muscle groups fatigue.

Learn what works for you

GRASPOR can help you improve in many different areas. In a way, it´s your coach on the road. 

Find your warm-up protocol

Warming-up ensures that your body is ready for higher intensity efforts, without overstressing it at the beginning of your workout.

GRASPOR can help you choose the right warm-up and adapt it to your needs on the day!


Ride the limit

Your limit may change from day to day based on training fatigue, stress, tiredness and many other factors.
Muscle Oxygen will not change based on those factors, as both power and heart rate will. So, it’s an even better performance indicator and one that you can always count on!