With GRASPOR, you can find the right warm-up for each specific workout, without wasting time and energy before the effort starts.

A great warm-up ensures that you are ready to start training.

Video guide

Whether you are warming up for 20-minute time-trial or 4 hours of easy riding, GRASPOR will help you individualise your warm-up routine.

Watch this video guide on how to improve your warm-up, or watch the steps below.

How to use Warm-up in training

The effect of inadequate warm-up

In this example you can see that the user wasn´t sufficiently warmed up before beginning their first intervals. As a result, Muscle Oxygen is lower during the first interval, and Total Haemoglobin continues to increase after this interval. If the user had warmed up properly, Total Haemoglobin would have a more constant baseline throughout the workout. Muscle Oxygen is also lower in the second and third intervals. If the rider had been sufficiently warmed up before these efforts, stress would have been more stable during the ride. The first and the last intervals of the workout were not in the planned training zone, so the user didn’t train at the planned intensity.


Want to know more?

We have an extensive blog post about how to warm up with GRASPOR. The blog post covers the basics of the warming up, as well as a suggestion for a protocol you can follow to get the best result.