With GRASPOR, you can easily test yourself to track your training progress, or identify your individual training zones.

Video guide

Whether you are on the road, or on the home trainer, it’s easy to perform a Threshold test to identify your training zones.

Watch the video guide on the right, to learn more. Or look through the example guide below


Example of identifying your training zones 

Easy testing with GRASPOR

In this example, you are seeing the results of a Muscle Oxygen Threshold test, performed on a turbo trainer.
The user started at 150 watts, and increased the power by 30 watts every 4 minutes and continued until full exhaustion.

Normally it would be difficult to compare the result of a test from a turbo trainer to useful training zones on the road, due to the static position and difference in heat dissipation. But if you train with GRASPOR’s 5 Muscle Oxygen zones, your Muscle Oxygen (stress) will remain the same wherever you are.