Your coach on the road

GRASPOR helps you to make the right training choices based on your personal physiological data so you always work at the optimal intensity and do just the right number of intervals.

Video guide

With GRASPOR, you can easily control the intensity of your intervals and know when you have done enough. GRASPOR can also help you adapt the time between your intervals so you are fully recovered between efforts.

Training this way, ensures that you increase your fitness and makes you faster.

Verify your training efforts

Power output and effort in real time

You can use Muscle Oxygen to control your intervals, or to verify that your power output is within the zone you want it to be in.

This example shows a user doing 8 x 3-minute efforts at 280watts, with 2 minutes recovery at 120 watts. The first 6 efforts are very stabile, but during the last two efforts, Muscle Oxygen drops significantly.

This shows that the muscle is working much harder to produce the same power in these efforts, than in the previous ones. The user should have stopped after 6 efforts, or settled for less power to maintain the same stress on the muscles.