Identify Weaknesses


With GRASPOR, you can easily identify your weaknesses. GRASPOR measures both Muscle Oxygen & Muscle Activation. This means that GRASPOR  can tell you what you need to improve to get even faster on the bike.

Video guide

One of the limitations and weaknesses in training could be an injury. With GRASPOR, you can easy identify if an injury is the show stopper in your training.

Watch this video guide how to identify a developing injury.

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Example of identifying a weakness in training


Weak Hamstring

In this example, you can see how the user experiences a drop in activation of his hamstring during the ride. You can also see how the activation is increasing on the quadriaceps to sustain the same power output. This means that the user should spend more time on increasing the strength on his hamstring, e.g. through strength training.