this is graspor

Use case

Your coach on the ride

GRASPOR can help you improve in many different areas. In a way, it´s your coach on the road. 

Improve your warm-up

Warm-up ensures that your body is ready for higher intensity efforts, without overstressing it at the beginning of your workout.

GRASPOR can also help you choose the right warm-up , and adapt it to your needs on the day!

Find your limit, in time.

It´s not all about riding hard. Improving your performance requires a  ballance between hard training and recovery.

GRASPOR´s Muscle Oxygen makes it easy. These data show you what your limit is, and how it varies from day to day.

Improve your baseline

Correct training zones are important for effective training.  GRASPOR provides the data to identify your threshold non-invasively.

Threshold test

GRASPOR makes it easy to test yourself, as often as you want,  and in your normal training enviroment.

Training zones

A Muscle Oxygen Threshold test provides the basis for determining your training zones, either based on power or Muscle Oxygen.

Perform Better

Optimize the way you train and recover using GRASPOR to manage the intensity of your efforts and ensure you train in the right training zones. 

Know when to press yourself or ease up.

Meet the people already GRASPORING

Learn about how some of our users use GRASPOR in their training, and their experiences GRASPORING.


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Unlock your full potential

Make the right training choices,  based on your personal data.

Interval training with GRASPOR

GRASPOR helps you to pace yourself by controlling the intensity off your efforts, using your Muscle Oxygen to adapt your power output to your actual form, and avoid training to hard or too little.

Perform better

The best athletes in world know how to listen to their bodies, but knowing the difference between normal tiredness or soreness and something out of the ordinary can be difficult for many cyclists. 

GRASPOR helps you know what your body is saying. 

Identify your weaknesses

GRASPOR measures Muscle Oxygen and Muscle Activation. You can use GRASPOR to identify what to focus on in your training, to get even faster.

Muscle Oxygen

GRASPOR measures the oxygen level inside your muscles. Providing an indication of your metabolism and stress in the primary working muscles.

Muscle Activation

GRASPOR measures the percentage Muscle Activation of the quadriaceps and hamstrings between 0-100% and the ratio between their use. 

Know your weakness

The combination of Muscle Oxygen & Muscle Activation, gives you a good idea of what you need to improve to get even faster. 

GRASPOR can show you whether you should focus on icreasing muscular strength or cardiovascular capacity.