Why use GRASPOR?

Reliable physiological data is a prerequisite for designing and monitoring the effectiveness of a training plan in realizing goals. Blood Lactate tests are one of the most widely used markers for this purpose. It is typically measured invasively, requiring several blood samples taken during an incremental step test that is often performed in a sports lab.

Training with GRASPOR on the other hand, provides a unique combination of physiological data about oxygen supply and consumption in the muscle, as well as information about the extent to which it is activated, non-invasively. Muscle Oxygen is a well-established method of measuring oxygen demand in a working muscle without the use of needles or other invasive methods, making it possible to test yourself as often as you like and under the same conditions that you normally train or race in.

Training with GRASPOR

Warm up

Warm up increases the flow of oxygenated blood to your muscles and prepares your body for work at higher intensities. GRASPOR’s Muscle Oxygen metric gives you a measure of the quality of your warm-up protocol. After completing a successful warm-up your Muscle Oxygen should therefore have increased and stabilized at a new and higher level.

Threshold test

Threshold tests detect the highest exercise intensity that can be maintained without lactate build-up. They are a good tool for defining training intensity zones. In a threshold test, GRASPOR’s Muscle Oxygen metric is comparable to blood lactate measurements but is measured non-invasively in real-time.

Interval training

GRASPOR can help you manage and tailor your interval training. The Muscle Oxygen metric can be used as a marker for how hard your muscle is working, it can help you know when you are adequately recovered after an interval, and help you tailor your rest period between intervals or the length of your sessions.

Intensity control

The effort required to generate a specific output (watts) can vary between training sessions and under differing circumstances (indoor/outdoor & different weather and temperatures etc). GRASPOR’s Muscle Oxygen metric lets you manage your training intensity based on internal measures of oxygen availability in the muscle, rather than external power output such as watts.

Data quality

Data accuracy and reliability is dependent on sensors being correctly positioned over the intended muscles, so it is important that you position your sleeve precisely each time. 


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