Pro E-racing team

GRASPOR – Velofit E-racing

We want to help spread online bike racing as a powerful winter training tool, and give indoor athletes insight into what happens to their body.
Because there is no future in the old-fashioned way.



Meet the riders

Sune Nicolajsen, 32

Michael Carbel, 27

Nicklas Runliden, 27

Thomas Bundgaard, 37

Johanna Koerner, 24

Rasmus Svane, 26

Andreas Kirk, 27

Frederik La Cour, 27

Mathias Kirk, 25

Marie-Louise Hartz Krogager, 32

Our race schedule

Right now we’re competing in the DCU/Uno-X cup. 
This cup runs each wednesday from the 17th of November to the 22nd of December. 

The cup has a men’s and a women’s league. The women start at 19.30 CEST, and the men at 19.45 CEST. 

Read more, or join the cup via Zwift Power.

Our partners

What is GRASPOR?

GRASPOR is the smart way to train.
Whether you need improved time management, better interval control or do you just love data?

Then GRASPOR is for you!

Through revolutionary data you can make sure that you get exactly what you need out of your training. The only thing you need is a new way of thinking training.