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Introduction to GRASPOR

Welcome! Whether you are new to GRASPOR or have already joined our community, and are using the data GRASPOR provides to understand and monitor the effect of your training and perform better, we are excited that you’re here!

This video gives you a brief introduction to GRASPOR, what it is, and how to use it.
We cover the very basics, such as how to wear the sleeve, how to start recording data, and introduce our data sets.

When you start using GRASPOR, choose whether to use GRASPOR or your power meter as your primary tool.


Use GRASPOR as your primary tool

Use a power meter as your primary tool

If you use GRASPOR as your primary training tool, you will revise the way you train. Letting GRASPOR control your training can optimize your training beyond anything you have tried before, simply by monitoring your body’s signals.

If you choose to keep your power meter as your primary tool, you will  still be able to se the vast amount of data GRASPOR provides. You will need to relate your Muscle Oxygen to your power data, and continuously evaluate your performance based on what GRASPOR tells you.