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Introduction to GRASPOR

Welcome! Whether you are new to GRASPOR or have already joined our community, and are using the data GRASPOR provides to understand and monitor the effect of your training and perform better, we are excited that you’re here!

This video gives you a brief introduction to GRASPOR, what it is, and how to use it.
We cover the very basics, such as how to wear the sleeve, how to start recording data, and introduce our data sets.

Quick start

First use

When using the first time, you should familiarise yourself with the app, and how to connect the device.

You can download the app from Google Play store and the Apple App store.

When you open the app for the first time, create an account so you can always find your workout history. Then follow the initiation flow to ensure the setup is completed correctly.

It is important that you give the app permission to use GPS at all times. The app only tracks your position when you are recording a workout.


Connect to the app

1. Turn on the device, by pressing the button once and wait for the LED to begin blinking blue.

2. Open the GRASPOR app and press the circle with the GRASPOR logoand bluetooth logo. 

3. Find and select the device on the list. The device ID is found on the packaging. 

4. When the GRASPOR logo lights up in blue, the device is connected and you can now press “Ready?” to begin the Muscle Oxygen callibration process. NB: It is important that you stand still or sit during the callibration process. 

How to wear the sleeve

The sleeve should be placed halfway up your thigh, between your knee and hip. The triangular cut in the laminate indicates the point that should stay at the halfway point. 

The electrodes on the sleeve should be positioned on your quadriceps and hamstrings. To ensure the correct position, the edge of the laminate layer on the sleeve should follow a straight line down the front of your thigh. 

For more information, watch the video above.

First use: How to wear, connect and start recording


The button is only used to turn the device on and off.

One single press on the button turns the device on. If you wish to turn the device off, you should hold down the button for a few seconds.



The LED’s shows what stage the device is in, i.e., recording, looking for app connection or charging.


Solid green: The device is on.

Pulsing green: The device is recording


Solid blue: The device is connected

Pulsing blue: The device is ready to connect


When in the charger, the device may stop pulsing after a few minutes. The device is still charging even though the LED is off. You can always check the battery status by connecting the device to the app, and navigating to the “Profile” tab.



Firmware updates

The device will automatically update the firmware when there is a newer version available, the first time you connect to the app after a new release.

The current firmware version is 0.1.25

You can see your device’s current firmware version by connecting it to the app and navigating to the “Profile” tab.

Once the download is finished, you simply restart the device to finalize the installation. 


Choose whether to use GRASPOR or a power meter as your primary tool.


Use GRASPOR as your primary tool

If you use GRASPOR as your primary training tool, you will revise the way you train. Letting GRASPOR control your training can optimize your training beyond anything you have tried before, simply by monitoring your body’s signals.

Use a power meter as your primary tool

If you choose to keep your power meter as your primary tool, you will  still be able to se the vast amount of data GRASPOR provides. You will need to relate your Muscle Oxygen to your power data, and continuously evaluate your performance based on what GRASPOR tells you.