Get started GRASPORING

Welcome to our guide on how to get started using GRASPOR!

Before using

Here you will learn important information about GRASPOR. What’s in the box? What does the LED’s mean? And what about the button?

How and why?

We recommend that you take the time to sit down and go through the next few steps, which will help you understand how GRASPOR works, and how you can use it to get the most out of your training.

You will learn

1. How to set up the device with the app

2. How properly use the device and sleeve

3. what to do before you’re ready to begin!

We will introduce how to use GRASPOR in practice, and how you make sure to get the right data by making sure to calibrate the data sets correctly. We will also cover how to check your warm-up, how to complete a Muscle Oxygen threshold test, as well as how to know when you need to do another test.

What’s in the box?

– A Muscle Oxygen sensor
– A sleeve
– Charger + cable
– Quick start guide

Before using GRASPOR for the first time, you should familiarise yourself with the app, and how to connect the device.

You can download the app from the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.

When you open the app for the first time, create an account so you can always find your workout history. Then follow the initiation flow to ensure the setup is completed correctly.

It is important that you give the app permission to use GPS at all times. The app only tracks your position when you are recording a workout.


Firmware updates

The device will automatically update the firmware when there is a newer version available, the first time you connect to the app after a new release. Once the download is finished, you simply restart the device to finalize the installation.

You can see your device’s current firmware version by connecting it to the app and navigating to the “Profile” tab.

NB: The recording may fail if you do not keep the device updated.


The button is only used to turn the device on and off.

One single press on the button turns the device on. If you wish to turn the device off, you should hold down the button for a few seconds.

The button also houses the LED’s, and shows what state the device is in.



Solid green: The device is on.
Pulsing green: The device is recording

Solid blue: The device is connected
Pulsing blue: The device is ready to connect

When in the charger the LED will pulse red. It may stop pulsing after a few minutes, but the device is still charging.