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Introduction to GRASPOR

Welcome! Whether you are new to GRASPOR or already joined our community, using the data GRASPOR provides to understand and monitor the effect of your training and perform better, we’re excited that you’re here!

This video introduces you to GRASPOR, what it is, and how you use it.
We cover the very basics, such as how to wear the sleeve, how to start recording data, and introduces our data sets.

First time using

What do you need to know before you use GRASPOR for the first time?

How do i wear the sleeve? How do i callibrate my device? 
That, and much more is covered in this video!


This video guides you through how to use GRASPOR to ensure you warm up in the best possible way.

Warm-up protocols are very individual, and should be adapted to events or training rides.

We recommend that you prepare for intervals by doing 1 or 2 shorter progressive efforts of 1-3minute duration at increasingly higher intensities up until threshold followed by 2-3 shorter efforts (30-60s) above threshold.

Threshold test

This video will guide you through performing a Muscle Oxygen threshold test.

This test is used to track performance increases, and establish a baseline for interval training.

Intensity control

This video shows how you can use GRASPOR to manage your interval training with a starting point in Muscle Oxygen, as opposed to power or heartrate.