The company behind GRASPOR

Ohmatex A/S is the company behind GRASPOR. They have been pioneering developments in smart textiles since 2004. Ohmatex has performed a long list of development projects for commercial clients where the main focus has been on combining electronics and textiles or developing one of the components to be used in an existing product.

The first company in the world, to combine  NIRS & EMG in a single tool, and bring it to the road, in a live setting.

Meet the team

The team behind GRASPOR work bring together a broad range of competencies from biomedical and electrical engineering to more commercial competencies focused on app. development and sales.

Developed for astronauts

We originally developed the technologies used in GRASPOR for the European Space Agency (ESA) to monitor astronauts’ muscle activity under micro-gravity. ⁠
When working in an environment without gravity, there is no stress on the muscles from standing or walking. Therefore, astronauts work out 2.5 hours each day to counteract the loss of muscle mass and strength. ⁠
The technology supports tracking the astronaut’s muscle activation in a near-zero-g setting to ensure that they work out hard enough to retain muscle mass. ⁠

We believed that the equipment could be a beneficial training tool for athletes and begun developing GRASPOR. The first consumer device capable of measuring muscle oxygen and muscle activation together.⁠